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Adjusting to a new educational landscape

The transition from the academic schedule in my university to the system in place here was quite interesting. In the US there are set dates for exams and homeworks get returned within a timely manner with grades, but here for the first month I had not received a single grade nor had I taken any form of an exam. I kept going to class, participating, and doing all that was expected work-wise but had no earthly idea if I was doing well or flunking. It wasn’t until the mid-semester mark that I had two exams and some projects due, and a while after that is when I got a general grade for the class. All my professors assured me I was doing fine, but I didn’t know what “fine” constituted. They told me I am doing really well, especially in comparison to the students from the university, but that still leaves some gray area. I rather like the laid-back atmosphere though. I have always had stressful semesters where I would become so involved in my school work that I would forget what was going on right around me. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case here or else I wouldn’t be able to explore and enjoy what México has to offer. It was a bit difficult at first figuring out where the classes were and how to take the bus to and from each campus (I attend two universities here.) IFSA was great about showing us the ropes at the UADY campus, but I was up a creek without a paddle when it came to Modelo. I don’t know if it’s because not many students were taking classes at the Modelo campus or because IFSA doesn’t have the same history as with UADY, but I felt thrust into a new situation and like it was expected I do it all alone. I had no classes with my fellow IFSA people and so I was scrambling to even get to the campus, then running around trying to figure out where I needed to be and when, but eventually all things worked out and I fell into a nice routine. All things considered I’m quite proud that I made it through the transition phase and really settled into this new academic environment.


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