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Featherdale Wildlife Park

During Orientation Week we went to several amazing places, but my favorite place was Featherdale Wildlife Park. We were given the opportunity to see Australia’s most cutest, friendliest, and softest animals up close to touch and take pictures with. a1

This wallaby was one of the first animals I was able to go up close to take a picture. I really liked how these animals weren’t caged up behind bars, but instead able to roam around freely. Initially, I was scared the wallaby might jump out at me. But, as you can see, it was sitting very still and sunbathing.


This is my FAVORITE animal. Obviously, when I got there all the koalas were sleeping because they usually sleep up to 20 hours a day.


There were about 10 koalas that I saw, but all of them were sleeping except for the two koalas that people were waiting in line to take pictures with.


People were also allowed to buy food for the animals from a vending machine. This is a wallaby munching on its food.


My friends and I were walking around the park and spotted this kangaroo. According to my friends that were there when it happened, said that this kangaroo went out the gate because someone forgot to close it when they were leaving. This picture was taken when the kangaroo felt us approaching, and looked back at us wondering if we had food to give.

Overall, this visit to the Featherdale Wildlife Park was a memorable experience that I will never forget. Getting the opportunity to touch my favorite animal, and take pictures with them up close was amazing. I recommend anyone who visits Sydney to check this place out.

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