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Blog Post 4: 3/15/16

This past Saturday my study abroad program group and I went to Te Arai beach for surf lessons. It’s been 3 days since and I’m still so sore! Surfing was a lot of fun, but it’s certainly not easy. We got lucky because we went on a day when the waves were bigger than normal due to a lot of wind. The best I was able to do was surf on my knees, which I’m honestly pretty proud of (surfing is a lot of work!).

After my group was done surfing, my friend Liz and I walked around and took some pictures of the beach and cove. We met up with other students in the program and some of us jumped off a cliff into the cove. I’ve cliff jumped before, but I don’t think i’ve ever jumped from that high. I was pretty nervous at first, but I knew that I just had to go for it and not hesitate or I would never make the jump. So I walked up the edge, looked down once, and jumped forward. I forgot how much fun cliff jumping is! After drying off, went for a short tramp to a different part of the beach. We explored some small caves and checked out the rock pools.

On Sunday, Liz and I met up in downtown Auckland and took a bus to the Pasifika Festival in Western Springs. Here is some more information on the festival: . Though I was upset that we missed the Kapa Haka (Māori dance) routines, we saw many other great performances in the Samoan area. We ate SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. I had the best chop suey and drank some coconut milk (from the coconut), and later on I had ice cream in a pineapple while Liz had ice cream in a watermelon. Each pacific island had their own section on the festival grounds that included (at the very least) food tents, craft vender tents, and a stage. In Tonga I bought my mom a beautiful gift for mothers day/her birthday. Since I know she’ll be reading this, all I’m going to say that it is black and it comes from the sea.


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