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Get out of your comfort zone!

I recently have returned back to Mérida after a two decently long trips during spring break. Fortunately here they give us two weeks of a break instead of one, which allows us to have time to explore a bit more of México. I had planned a trip to an island called Isla Holbox, where I was going to stay in outdoor hammocks for three nights in a quaint little hostel. One of the other students in my group was going to go with me, so we met up at the bus station and waited for the adventure to start. Once the bus arrived we got one and the bus driver informed us that they had accidentally over sold the bus and there weren’t enough seats for everyone, so we would have to travel standing up with all of our luggage. After about ten minutes my travel buddy decided he wasn’t comfortable with the trip and that it wasn’t fair we had to stand up when we paid for seats, so he got off the bus and went back to Mérida but I continued on because I had already paid for the reservations and the bus tickets and didn’t want to lose that investment. On the bus a man got up from his seat and moved over to where his wife and daughter were sitting and the couple held their daughter in their laps to give me a seat, I was very thankful for such a kind gesture.

I arrived to Chiquilá without any problems and took the ferry to the island where I was able to check into the hostel and get breakfast at a nearby restaurant. Unfortunately it was raining a lot and they take the hammocks down in bad weather but I spent the evening just chatting with the owner and a couple of the workers there and they hooked me up with a bed that was also outdoors but had a tarp draped over it to protect it from the rain, and I didn’t have to pay for an upgrade. They were such nice folks and after hours at the reception we just kept talking and the owner gave out free drinks to all of us, and wouldn’t let me pay for my Coke even though I insisted. I had a great time getting to know some really cool people there and hanging out at the beach, but eventually I had to make the trek to Cancun to reunite with my group before our trip to Cuba. I had to get on the last bus out of Chiquilá to Cancun the day before we had to leave from the airport in Cancun, but I hadn’t made plans to stay at a hostel there. Luckily a friend of mine from Mérida told me he asked a friend of his that lives in Cancun to let me stay the night at his place, so once I got there I took a taxi to this strangers house, a friend of a friend, and it all worked out marvelously! I arrived and he was so kind and welcoming and even woke up at 4 in the morning to take me to the airport! I told him he didn’t have to and that I could take a taxi but he insisted. It was such a nice experience and I felt quite fortunate that even though I was traveling solo in a foreign country as a female, things all worked out in the end. I wouldn’t have such an amazing experience to tell if I didn’t take risks and get out of my comfort zone.


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