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Scottish Food Tour

Recently, IFSA-Butler organized a short Scottish food tour. It’s impossible for me to turn down free food, so of course I went! Our first stop was a Scottish food store called Cranachan & Crowdie. It’s named after a Scottish dessert, chranachan, and a Scottish cheese, crowdie. Every item that they sell is made in Scotland, or designed in Scotland and made in England, so it’s very authentic. While we were there, we tried a selection of mustards, chutneys, and salami on oatcakes. As we left, we also got to try some ginger shortbread, which was excellent.

Next, we headed up the Royal Mile to a pub called The Royal McGregor. Our meal there was haggis fritters topped in a sweet chili sauce. Haggis is a traditional Scottish food made of sheep organs, oatmeal, and spices. This was not my first time trying haggis, so I knew what to expect. The fritters, although not very traditional, were very tasty and I’d definitely go back and have them again.

Our third stop was The Fudge House, where they make fudge using a closely guarded family recipe. Their fudge is distinct from others because instead of cooling it quickly using a marble slab, they let it cool overnight in racks. We tried a bunch of different fudges. I think my favorite was the peppermint. Our final stop was a restaurant where we had Irn Bru. Irn Bru is basically a national drink of Scotland and it actually outsells coca-cola here, something which only happens here and in Russia! It smells sort of like bubblegum and mostly tastes super sweet.

I’m glad I got the opportunity to try some Scottish cuisine, find out more about how it came to be, and learn about more recent influences like immigration. I’ve also now voluntarily eaten haggis three times, so I think I can safely say that it’s actually pretty good and that I’d recommend that you give it a try if you’re ever in Scotland.


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