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Visiting London, Part I

A few weeks ago, the University of Edinburgh had its half term break, so I didn’t have any classes. Technically, it was Innovative Learning Week, and we’re meant to stay around and participate in the events going on, but in practice a lot of students use this time to go home or travel. My friend Katie and I decided to spend a few days traveling to London. During orientation, we learned that the train is probably the best way to get from Edinburgh to London. You can even get a young person’s railcard, which will save you a third on all train fares!

I finished packing just in time and took the bus to Edinburgh Waverley, which is the station in the middle of the city, between New Town and Old Town. From there, we boarded our train to Kings Cross in London. The train ride is about four and a half hours long, which is obviously longer than a plane flight would take, but it takes you from the center of Edinburgh to the center of London so it’s a little easier than flying. Plus, you don’t have to deal with security and getting to flight early and everything. We left Edinburgh at 4:30 and arrived in London at 9:00. From there, we caught the tube to our hostel and then checked in.

The next morning, we first visited the British Museum. The museum is dedicated to history, art, and culture, and a morning there simply isn’t enough to explore the whole museum. The collection includes artifacts including the Elgin Marbles, Rosetta stone, an Easter Island head, and the Sutton Hoo ship burial, among millions of others.

After that, we visited the Hunterian Museum, which is a medical museum that contains the collections of John Hunter, an 18th century Scottish surgeon. It’s located at the Royal College of Surgeons. From there, we explored a little. That night, we met a friend for dinner, then headed back to the hostel via Camden Town, where we explored a little bit more and got a pint at a pub called Elephant’s Head.

Stay tuned for part two of my trip to London!


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