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Queenstown, New Zealand

I finally got the chance to visit Queenstown, New Zealand. There were so many places to explore but so little time. I wish I could’ve stayed another week, but I guess that means I will visit New Zealand another time!


  1. The breathtaking view outside the airport
  2. Popular brunch place called, Vudu Cafe
  3. Coffee at The Exchange
  4. Another brunch pic at Halo Cafe, the french toast was amazing
  5. Gloomy sky, but Queenstown still looked amazing
  6. Leaving Queenstown
  7. Arriving at Brisbane, for a short layover
  8. Sunset as we arrive back at Sydney
  9. The amazing view we always woke up to in Queenstown
  10. Another view from the house as the sun was setting
  11. Loved the food at Halo Cafe, so went back another day
  12. At the top of Queenstown Hill, breathtaking view
  13. The water was so blue at Gibbston, New Zealand
  14. Riding the gondola to the Skyline
  15. View from the Skyline
  16. Went stargazing, and this is Jupiter and it’s moons from a telescope



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