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Balancing school + leisure

It is already midterm season at University of Sydney, and I honestly can’t believe that I will be leaving this place in about 2 months. That being said I wanted to explore Sydney more before I leave, but the amount of presentations/papers/tests is really draining me. Therefore, before it starts getting too cold I decided to treat myself to exploring the beaches on the weekend and take a break from studying.

CLICK THE PHOTO to see all the pictures:


Caption for each photo:

  1. Staircase – The staircase next to the Giles bath at Coogee Beach (my favorite beach at Sydney)
  2. Road – On the way to Coogee Beach from the bus stop
  3. Giles Bath– At Coogee Beach
  4. Waves – Waves crashing onto the rocks at Giles bath
  5. University of Sydney – Outside of the Great Hall
  6. Great Hall – during the day
  7. Great Hall – at night
  8. Fisher Library – studying at the library on 5th floor
  9. Stu’dying’ – Wishing I was outside enjoying the weather, but having to study
  10. Carslaw Building – waiting to go into the classroom
  11. The Square – Coming out of class from the Education building and seeing the Square and Physics building


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