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mid semester break

For our mid semester break we get a week off and my friend and I decided to travel to Fiji. It was SO much fun, I 100% recommend it. The weather in the spring is pretty hot and humid but there are so many cool activities to do. We visited a couple islands, did zip lining, swam with sharks, snorkeled and went sky diving! We got pretty burnt though lol, but on Mana island they had a spa and they offered a sunburn treatment so we did that a couple times. It was so great, the lady just put ice cold towels over our burns and put lotion on us. It was so worth the 30FJD. Everyone is super friendly in Fiji as well, kids are running around and just come up to you and ask what your name is. Then you both spend like 5 minutes trying to pronounce each others names. I could never pronounce their names the right way. They were so cute though. My friend and I stayed in hostels the whole time, just jumping around from place to place. It was really inexpensive, we spent maximum of $24 on accommodation. All of our money went towards the activities. The sky diving was expensive with the pictures/video included. Total it was around $500USD, but it was so worth it. I just watched the video and it is so cool, they take so many photos of you as well. The pictures of me as I’m about to jump are hilarious. Double chins and all. I did it with SkyFiji and it was so good, I definitely recommend doing it. We did the Legend jump which is the highest possible, 14000ft with 60 second free fall. The islands we visited were Mana island and Barefoot Kuata. Both were really nice. The beaches were so pretty, turquoise water and white sand. Picture perfect. We did a day tour of barefoot kuata which was our favorite day. that was where we did the swimming with sharks, it was only $60FJD. They took us on a 15 min boat ride and we were snorkeling for about 45/1hr. The water was so clear and the reef sharks were so close, I could’ve touched them. Then we got back and just relaxed on the island under the sun. We did zip lining as well with ZipFiji which was a lot of fun. It was 16 zip lines which took a while but it was so cool. The staff were so much fun and were going upside down and taking videos and pictures for us on our cameras as well as their own which was great because i was too scared to drop my GoPro so they did it for me. Also 100% recommend. I got back home last night and classes have started up again which sucks but it’s great to see everyone again. We have booked Mueller huts at Mount Cook for a weekend and i’m really looking forward to that. And then on the 20th I’m going to Doubtful Sound with IFSA-Butler which is supposed to be one of the best trips they take us on, so I’m really looking forward to that.


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