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My 20th Birthday in London


My 20th birthday in London was absolutely fantastic and I have my housemates to thank for that. On my birthday, I worked an early shift until 3:30PM at my internship which was a lot of fun since six of us basically just worked on a huge puzzle. Afterwards, the weather was so nice I decided to go for a run and booked it for half an hour.

That night, 13 of my housemates and I went to Pizza Express where we had a pizza making class. We made our own pizzas and calzones and the results were quite tasty! We decided to watch a movie instead of going out, which was fine by me since it was a Tuesday night. I was waiting in the common room, then all of the sudden the lights go pitch black and some of my housemates came into the room carrying a cake singing happy birthday. The only light in the room came from the candles on the cake and the result was a magical moment that I know I will forever cherish.


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