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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

It’s crazy to think I that it’s already week 11 here at the University of Limerick, I have less than five weeks in Ireland :( . The last few weeks have been filled with fun and excitement, though.  Recently I’ve done a lot of touring throughout Ireland, took a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands and made some other great memories in and around Limerick.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to spend some time with my best friend Matt who has been studying in Copenhagen, Denmark for the semester.  He flew in and spent the day and night with me in Limerick.  It was great to see him and hear about some of his adventures while in Copenhagen.  I was happy to take him into Limerick City and show him around.  We took a tour of King John’s Castle which is located along the River Shannon.  It’s a very old castle that has survived multiple sieges throughout history.  In addition, it has an awesome view of Limerick City which shows the famous Thomand Park (Munster rugby’s home stadium) in the backdrop.  Although it was for only a day, it was a pleasure showing Matt what Limerick has to offer.

The weekend following I spent touring parts of the Burren and Wild Atlantic Way in Co. Clare, Co. Kerry and Co. Galway.  What beautiful sights! The Burren is a large rural region in County Clare filled with huge limestone deposits, cows and sheep!  But seriously, the limestone deposits which have been there for thousands of years are truly a sight to see. I loved the enormous plateaus that have formed over years of erosion and other natural processes. What I loved more though was the views over the cliffs of the Wild Atlantic Way.  Along the western coast of Ireland the ocean splashes ferociously along the cliffs and the white water sprays up.  On certain days the white water will even splash upon a nearby car’s windshield.  On the way to Dingle, which is a small beach/fishing town, you could see some these views the best. I highly suggest touring this beautiful coastline if ever given the opportunity.

My last major endeavour was in Amsterdam, Netherlands – all I can say is “wow!”.  Other than the high speed, bustling atmosphere of Amsterdam Centraal, I was fascinated by the architecture. The old-style, colourful buildings in combination with the endless canals which run through the city really captivated me.  Amsterdam has great public transport with busses and trams easily accessible throughout the day. They’re very helpful in getting you from one part of the city to another; Amsterdam is deceptively big!  Another thing which I thought was really cool was the fact that everyone cycles to get to their destinations.  There are even separate bicycle lanes which go with the flow of traffic.  I’d venture to say the reason why everyone in Amsterdam looks so fit is because they’re so active on their bicycles which leaves them in a happy state of mind … Always.  I literally felt like Amsterdam had the happiest people I have ever seen! Everyone walks around laughing and with big smiles on their faces.  I promise I will make it back there one day.

Although there are only a few weeks left here in Limerick, I am looking forward to what the end of my journey has in store for me. I have a trip planned to see my sister Kaela in Scotland which I am looking very forward to.  I’m also doing a bit more sightseeing of Ireland which should be a blast!  Stay tuned for my next where I will be talking a bit about Limerick Student Raceday!


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