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Blog Post 7: 4/12/16

I spent this past Saturday and Sunday on the Coromandel Peninsula with two girls from the IFSA-Butler program. To get to Cathedral Cove you have to complete an easy 1 (maybe 2) mile hike through NZ’s national WWI forest. I was so taken back when we finally arrived at the beach. There were huge and beautiful rock formations, some of which you can cross through. At the beach we walked around and took pictures, went for a swim, and simply laid out to soak up the sun. For dinner we stopped at a burger and ice cream shop on the walk back to the car. Though we had planned on driving back after dinner, we decided to stay and take pictures of the stars.

The next morning we had planned to drive to another beach near Cathedral Cove, but my friends were tired and wanted to stay in Coromandel. I was really looking forward to going to the Hot Water Beach, so I chose to drive up alone. I had a great time at the beach, but when I first got there I was really frustrated that I couldn’t find the hot water. This beach is known for the underground hot springs. If you dig a hole in the sand, hot water will fill and you can relax in the hole like it’s your own personal beach hot tub. Eventually I gave up and decided to walk to the tide pools at the other end of the beach. I ended up having a good time exploring the pools and taking pictures of the rocks, shells and starfish. On my walk to the car, however, a couple came up to me and told me that they had found hot water. Closer by the shore, if you dug your feet into the sand you could feel the water from the hot springs. Even though it was annoying that it took so long to find the water, it was totally worth it. The water truly was so hot! You only had to move your feet a few inches into the sand to feel the heat of the water.

I leave for my big mid-semester South Island trip this coming Friday! I am flying down to Christchurch with my friend Freya and we will be campervaning around the South Island until Monday the 25th.


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