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Getting Used to Your New Home

So of course moving to a new environment can be quite jarring yet rewarding. The important part is learning to navigate these emotions, honor them by validating your lived experience, and of course being patient and creating an action plan to succeed in your new environment. Before I get into tips I want to be the first to say that moving away will result in various reactions and emotions that will manifest differently in different people­­basically there is no wrong or right way to react. I personally was super excited when I first arrived and didn’t really miss my home at all the first few months. With that said, adopting a new lifestyle was difficult for me. I struggled to make new friends, delve into academics, and travel around. So here are my tips: talk to everyone! Make sure you find the people that will be your support system both in and out of the classroom. Make sure your professors and administrators know you and that you are studying abroad because it helps a lot. And always make sure you make time for yourself to evaluate why you’re here and what you want from this journey.


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