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Let’s talk Food

So my last post was a while ago and kinda serious. This time let’s talk about something more light­hearted and universal: FOOD!!! So idk about you but one of my biggest comforts in life is food. I love to cook and love trying new food from different cultures. So coming abroad I naturally felt so excited to try new things and see what I loved. Well, the particular area that I am in has my favorite things on every corner: chicken wings and pizza :) Now disclaimer, of course these things are not healthy and if not consumed wisely will lead to a lifestyle of poor physical wellness. With that said, omg I cannot say how happy I am with these stores. Back home if I want wings without the fuss of making them I have to go to BWW or Wing Stop which adds up fast. Here, i get 4 wings for 1GPB. Now, if you’re looking for something less fast food and more dine­in, I highly recommend a place called Tayyab’s. It’s a hole in the wall in White Chapel that has amazing Indian food. I was very pleased with the service, quality of food, and actually affordable prices (well for London that is lol). Those are definitely my favorite food choices here. Hope you find these helpful! See you next time :)


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