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A little bit on Academics

So this one will be a bit of a rant but I thought I should mention academics since well we are here to STUDY abroad… Here are my observations: when I have been told that academics are more ‘hands off” and ‘independent’ it is meant to say your grade depends on the number of hours you spend in the library ­­or rather the amount of hours it appears that one spent in the library. I have also noticed that I felt much more uneasy about just how well I was grasping the material because the modules do not give assessments often to make sure people aren’t left behind. Perhaps the saddest realization was noticing that the system is so obsessed with some false comfort of equality that they do not make the effort to accommodate those that may struggle more. By this I mean not everyone knows the nuances of the policies and rules of different colleges so as to properly navigate extensions, due dates, and exam dates­­ especially students used to a different system who arrived mid term. Instead of making some feel like they should know this or that, this info should come naturally and there should be a focus on equity over equality so that special resources are given to the minorities that are disadvantaged like first generation students, minorities, international, and study abroad students. Things should be consolidated and distributed in clear and transparent ways to make the focus of the institution helping people succeed at all costs, ­­inclusive excellence at all levels for all people: no matter their background, shortcomings, or identity.




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  1. Olivia Ridley Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I am so enjoying your blog as a mom whose son is planning to be where you are for the fall semester. He is in the same boat as you and I was touched by how similar our stories are. Keep writing!!! We are anxiously awaiting your next update! Thank you for helping us to see what may be coming.

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