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Doubtful Sound

this weekend trip to Doubtful Sound, Fiorlands.

DOPE. my abroad program organized a trip for all of us to go to Doubtful Sound and stay overnight on a ferry and it was amazing. We woke up early on saturday for a 6am bus ride which took us to a boat which then took us to another bus and then finally our overnight ferry. The first day was raining so that kinda sucked, the views were still awesome but no where nearly as amazing as they were the second day. The ferry provided us with tea, muffins and then an amazing dinner. it was buffet style and everyone ate so much and then there was cake, of course we managed to find some space for cake but it was so much food. all so good though. they had smoked salmon!! i was very happy. Then we all hung out and eventually made it to our beds. Me and Libby were in a double together and it was really nice. We had our own bathroom and there were windows so we could look out at the mountains and waterfalls as we went by. we woke up early again the next day and the skies were clear and the sights were absolutely majestic. It was truly incredible. It looked fake it was so beautiful. At one point the crew asked that we all took a 5 minute moment of silence, no movement, no cameras no noise and just listened and appreciated the scenery. i teared up a little lol, it was just so beautiful. there were no other boats on the fiord, just us surrounded by these mountains, waterfalls and still water. it really was a great moment. one i will never forget. to make the trip even better we saw some rare penguins, and some dolphins as well. fantastic fantastic. definitely my favorite trip so far. we had breakfast, then got back on the bus to the next boat to our last bus and listened to music all the way home.


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