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Advice to other first generation college students

To all the other first generation college students out there, I feel you. I know what it’s like to enter into a world of academic rigor never before experienced by someone in the family and that it can be difficult to find your way through it all. The wonderful thing about being a first generation college student is that we all are capable of venturing out on our own and making things happen. It takes a special type of person to break the routine set forth by all your predecessors and embark on a journey completely different. That’s what I want to focus on: that ability to step out and go against the grain. Once you know that you have said capability, you can direct this characteristic toward so many different avenues in life. For example, I had never branched out and gone on a vacation all by myself before, but knowing that I had filled out billions of forms, attended millions of interviews, and visited thousands of offices for various documentation reasons just to be accepted into my University (okay, there’s a bit of exaggeration there but you get my point) I knew I could handle making reservations and finding public transportation to get me where I needed to go. Beforehand I had always just gone on vacation and let my parents handle the logistics and thought it all far too complicated. Knowing that I have been the sole person to help myself through the messy complicated process of college has helped me realized that I can do much more than be a first generation college student, I can be an independent traveler, I can be an entrepreneur, I can be a starving artist, I can be what I wish because I know that the only one who can make things happen and follow through with my dreams is my own self. My advice to you would be, figure out what you want to do, above and beyond survive college, and use all the resources you have available to actualize your dreams. You can do it, because you’ve already done it.


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