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this week

This week my friend who is studying abroad in Sydney, Australia came to visit. It was so much fun to have her around and drive her to all the places I visited when I first got here. She arrived on Thursday night and left early Monday morning, so it was a short trip but she still got to see a little glimpse of New Zealand’s beauty. I drove her to St. Claire’s beach where we got brunch at a cafe called Starfish. Then we drove to Tunnel Beach, which is my favorite and she loved it. The rock formations are incredible to look at. It was a little busier than when I first visited but it was still great to see again. I also drove her to the Otago Peninsula. I wasn’t really sure what the Peninsula was but I had heard people talking about it so we just went for a ride. It was beautiful, of course. We stopped and went for a little hike on the Paradise Track, which was just a small trial on the side of the road. I also got to drive up Mount Cargil to show her the view. I couldn’t figure out where the road up to the very top was unfortunately but we still got to see the view, just from a little further down. I took her to a couple places in town for food. Friendly was my favorite. I had never been before, and I had a soccer game earlier which Katherine watched, so we were both starving and it hit the spot. We both got Chicken Satay, which is pretty popular over here. I’d never had it before but it is basically chicken and rice but with a peanut base sauce on top. So good. We also went to Velvet Burger which is a great place when you are craving burger and fries. They also have sweet potato fries, which they call Kumura fries. Not sure if that spelling is correct. Of course I took her to Rob Roy’s dairy for an ice cream. They are the best ice cream place in town apparently. It was a great weekend! Next weekend my friends and I are all driving to Mount Cook and staying over night in huts! Can’t wait!!


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