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Mount Cook

This weekend everyone in the complex went to Mount Cook. We all booked Mueller Hut to stay in overnight. We basically booked the entire hut apart from 5 random people. We left Friday at around 2pm, it was a 4hr drive. I was in a car with all guys and we played some fun games to pass the time. The first night we just camped out on some campground, I’m not sure. We had a bonfire and when we got there, we realized we forgot to pack the tent…so we all had to figure out places to sleep. Whoops! I found a spot in a car so it wasn’t too bad of a sleep. We all hung out around the bonfire and chilled. The next day we woke up around 8 and started the drive to Mount Cook. I can’t remember how long that drive was but it wasn’t bad. Once we finally got there we had to check in with the information center so that they knew we were hiking, safety precautions in case one of us died. The hike was so hard. It was literally walking up stairs for 3hrs. Well half of it was actually stairs the other half we were just climbing rocks. it was a little scary, you had to be really careful where you were stepping lol. But the views were stunning. We were walking through the clouds at one point, you were just surrounded by white mist. Then we finally made it past the clouds and you could see the tops of the mountains peeking out. it was so cool. eventually the sun came out and the clouds dissipated so we could see the bottom of the mountain range as well as the top and it was incredible. we finally made it to the top and we all relaxed in the hut which was actually a lot nicer than i though it would be. the stars were so pretty that night as well. we all woke up early to see the sunrise, wasn’t really worth it though. it was rainy and it was very cloudy. but then we all packed up and got ready for the hike down. which was just as hard as the way down. it was faster but i fell a couple times and a few people hurt their ankles. my legs were so shaky i kept almost falling i couldn’t hold myself up. and my legs are so sore today. on the drive back home we stopped off at the Moeraki Boulders which are an attraction but such a shitty one. its literally just rocks on a beach. there were so many asians there taking pictures which was funny. but then we continued our drive home and arrived at around 6, and got some fish and chips. it was a beautiful weekend. except getting really sad thinking about how i have less than 2 months here left. Me and Libby are going to try to plan to go away every weekend and do as much as we can!


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