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Being Home Again

It’s been odd living at home again. I adjusted quickly, but I can tell that my views on so many things have changed.


For one, living in London has taught me the value of walking. I bought my first car at 16, and was used to driving everywhere before I left for London. But really, do I need to drive to the nearby convenience store when it’s only a five to ten minute walk?  It seems like such a waste of gas money, and at least by walking I can get some exercise before splurging on macaroni and cheese, soda, and whatever other goodies I choose to treat myself to. At the same time, while I love once more being able to eat the foods I was raised on, I find myself missing how much healthier everything seemed to be in the grocery stores and sandwich shops of London. At least at my school in London, I could cook my own food; the one I go to here in the states requires me to buy a meal plan, meaning that I have no choice but to eat in the school’s dining hall.

Do I wish I had studied abroad for a full year, rather than just a semester? I have conflicting feelings on that. I made so many friends in England, but I can’t forget the friends that I have here in the US. At the same time, I have to worry about graduating on time; had I stayed longer, I’m not sure I would be able to meet all of the necessary classes needed to complete my double major.

I have a feeling that I’ll go back to England one of these days, at most within the next five years; it really helps that I know I’ll have a place to stay when I go back, considering the price of hotels being so outrageous. I made so many friends there that I’ll never forget, and I plan very much on keeping in touch with them. Overall, the experience was worth every penny, and I’m glad that I ventured outside of my usual comfort zone.


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