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This weekend I went to Akaroa with a group of my friends. The drive was around 5hrs long, so it was far but it was a really pretty town. We were going to stay in little cabins that have a glass roof so you can stargaze but we got there too late to check in. Instead we went to a hostel which was really nice. It was right next to the water and we woke up early the next day to watch the sunrise. It wasn’t the best sunrise but the clouds were still pink and and the sun was just hitting the peaks of the mountain range. It was a beautiful sight. Then we went on a 2hr boat cruise around the bay and the pacific ocean. There was a 99% guarantee that we would see dolphins so we were really excited about it. Just as they said, we saw dolphins as well as rare penguins and seals! The dolphins were swimming right next to the boat. They were Hector’s dolphins which are the smallest dolphins in the world and are distinguished by their rounded dorsal fins. The penguins were also one of the smallest breed. The town was colonized by the French so a lot of the roads and stores had french names. It was a good place to go for a short trip.


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