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Preparing to return home

If there’s one thing I know about goodbyes, it’s that they’re so much harder when you don’t know when you’ll be seeing these people again. I had no qualms heading off to Mexico and leaving my family behind, because I knew I would see them again. This time, spending the last week trying to organize times to say goodbye, possibly forever, to some amazing people you have gotten to know over the past few months is heartbreaking. The phrase I keep repeating is “I don’t want to go!” I love the environment here and the people, I feel like I truly fit in, to an extent. Obviously I will always be a foreigner here, but my friends and adopted family make me feel right at home. I know I will miss the constant Spanish, I don’t have a way of practicing back home. Hopefully I will keep in contact with some friends and have a way of brushing up on my Spanish a bit. As far as going home, I look forward to seeing my family, but I could definitely go for just a visit and then come back to Mexico. I believe this semester has helped me open up to a whole new side of me that I never knew existed. The side that is daring, will take risks, will step out of her comfort zone, and will experience so many incredible things because of it. To say I will miss Mexico is an understatement. I fully believe I could return to live here for a couple years, but who knows what the future holds! Right now I need to focus on getting back for my graduation and then focusing on my Master’s program in the year to come, once I get out of school I can worry about such things as to the location of where I will live when not living with my parents.


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