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After the return

Wow, everything happened so fast! One day I was in Mexico and the next I was walking across the stage for my graduation in North Carolina. I had one day between my return date and my graduation, so in that one day I had to do all the preparations for my graduation. Rushing to get everything done, I barely had time to let it sink in that I wasn’t in Mexico anymore. I guess it was good for the initial return to have something to focus on, so as not to dwell on the fact I just left so many incredible friends behind in Mexico. My family was waiting for me at the airport and embraced me with strong hugs as if they never would let me go again, in the physical sense and the metaphorical if ever I wanted to leave the country again. It was good to see them again, and they helped me run around preparing for my graduation. Now that that’s all over and I am officially on summer break, all the memories from last semester come creeping back. Everyone wants to know about my semester and the more I tell these stories, the more I want to go back. Luckily I do still have contact with my friends, I can Whatsapp them from my US number, I had to tell them to change my contact number beforehand though. Now I sometimes just sit in my room, thinking about all that I did while abroad, and it’s hard to think that I will merely have to continue on and do my Master’s this year. It will be the completion of my studies, so afterward I could potentially return to live in Mexico for two years, but having to go back to how things used to be is so hard when you’re thinking about swimming with sea turtles and visiting tons of cenotes.


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