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Top 5 Restaurants

Nearly three months into my study abroad experience, I have *finally* become comfortable walking into restaurants, sitting down without a host or hostess, and ordering whatever it is I want to eat. So, in honor of all the times I fumbled through Spanish with a waiter and awkwardly waited in the doorway of a fancy establishment waiting to be sat, here are my top five restaurants I have encountered in Buenos Aires.

5. Mostaza: Okay, hear me out. For those of you who might not know, Mostaza is a chain fast food restaurant here in the city, and I usually equate it to the Argentine version of Burger King. For 45 pesos I can get a cheeseburger, delicious fries, and a soda. Fun fact: my best friend from my program and I come here once every few weeks when we are missing the States or want to cry about missing the colectivo. It is a very comforting place, and there are dozens located around the city!

4. Sarkis: A delicious Middle Eastern restaurant located in Palermo right in the heart of some pretty good nightlife, this place cannot be missed. My friends and I come here to share family-style dishes on Saturday nights before we go out.

3. Los Dos Chinos: The only café I visit where the servers know me by name. Located on Callao two blocks from the Subte station, I like to camp here on weekdays to do work and drink a delicious café con leche.

2. Pay by weight: More of a concept than an actual restaurant, there are two pay by weight places right by the IFSA office (One on Suripacha and the other is across 9 de Julio.) There are also a ton scattered around the city. One of the cheapest dining options I have found here, these gems can usually fill me up for less than 70 pesos and are good for my friends and me because they accomodate all diets.

1.Banco Rojo: My absolute favorite. My Mostaza friend and I found this San Telmo delight one afternoon, and my life has not been the same since. I come here for the best empanadas I have encountered in Buenos Aires (deep fried and filled with spicy lamb) and their 15 peso sodas. We also come back at least once a week to try their weekly burger specials.


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