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Manning the homefront

So since I basically spent the first month of my time “in Buenos Aires” traveling outside of Buenos Aires, I thought I should finally take some time to just relax in my first 2 weeks of April. Also, I should probably start figuring out how this works before I can consider traveling again. There is so much to see right in Buenos Aires itself. Buenos Aires is a city of polarities, it has some of the most intelligent students I have ever met, and yet it has some of the most inefficiencies I have ever seen. It also has polarity in things to do, between its natural oasis in Tigre and its color streets in Boca.

Boca: the place on all the postcards. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Buenos Aires. When you google this city, the same picture of BOCA is plastered all over the search page. Its funny too because Argentines just kind of laugh when you say you’re going to BOCA because it is the hub of tourism. Its kind of like in New York City when you get excited about going to the statue of liberty or going to the huge MnM store. The equivalent of the big MnM store here is the big Choripan store. Choripan here is kind of like a delicacy, but its also kind of street food it really depends on the context of how you eat said food. So while in Boca, of course we had to do the “walk”, no not the cat walk, but the caminante, the famous street the the colorful buildings. We made sure to stay away from gimmick tango dancers who would stand so innocently, asking young boys and girls to take pics with them. Then in a flash: they make you pay or they just mug you. So we finally get to this legen…wait for it…dery Chroipan place, which looks find of like an italian tavern. I look at the menu and the first thing that catches my eye is grilled cheese. So I sit there thinking”Yes I am so excited! There is nothing this basic girl misses more than grilled cheese!” So I ordered it, thinking it would be a sandwich with cheese and chorizo in the middle. Well no, like most things in Argentina, American concepts to not exactly translate well. Instead, I was given a hot plate with melted provolone cheese and oil and then on top cut up pieces of Chorizo. This, to them, was a grilled cheese because they take the literal translation of grilling cheese.

We topped off this sandwich experience by going to the Boca juniors stadium and touring the soccer fanatics museum. It was actually a pretty cool museum, and walking through the stadium felt like an unreal experience just touching the same turf that the beloved Messi touched! This experience in Boca was absolutely amazing and I loved going with the organization called BAIS because I got to meet cool international students from Germany.

Tigre was an unreal experience. In a city like Buenos Aires where there is nothing but hustle and bustle and big cities and even bigger public buses, it doesn’t seem like there would be anywhere natural. In order to go to tigre, one has to take a one hour train to get to the most northern part of the city. Tigre is this little natural oasis with a beautiful river that is outlined by trees and natural flora and fauna. In perspective to New York City, Tigre is like going to central park if central park was bigger and had storks sitting around. We get to Tigre and there are tourist spots lined up across the boardwalk just waiting for tourists like my lovely self. We take this boat ride and the first thing I notice of course is the line of huge storks just perched on the side. I kept thinking to myself, “is Dumbo here?” or “are they dropping off some babies somewhere” because obviously babies come from storks in Argentina. The Tigre river was an unforgettable sight, and since it was sunny I got amazing pics. It was nice just to get away and see such a change from the capital area of Buenos Aires. 


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