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Blog Post 9: 5/24/16

Now that I’m more than half way done with my time here, I thought I would write a post about the top 5 things I am going to miss here and the top 5 things I am not going to miss.

Top 5 Things I Will Not Miss:
1. Iced Coffee: The iced coffee here is NOT iced coffee.
2. Kiwi boys: So are we friends or are we not friends..?
3. The humidity and lack of air conditioners: There was also a fan shortage while I was here, and I had to pay $30 and wait 2 weeks for a tiny desk fan.
4. The Unilodge: No AC, no wifi, cockroach infestation, horrible front desk and maintenance service, got stuck in the shower once because the shower door broke…UGH I could go on and on. Future IFSA abroad students: when making a decision on where to live, choose Carlaw…well choose anywhere else besides the Unilodge.
5. Politics: It’s not NZ politics that I dislike, it’s the way that people from other countries view our politics. Actually, it’s not really the way they view our politics that bother me. I agree with most people when they talk about the US. However, this makes it really difficult to defend my country. I love the United States, it’s my home…but the issues that people bring up remind me that the US has a lot of growing to do.

Top 5 Things I Will Miss:
1. The University of Auckland: It’s a pretty high contender on my grad school list. The campus is beautiful and there is always so much activity. There are markets on the quad, $5NZ vegan lunch, really great cafés (Including a Shaky Isles!), diverse student body, a very green campus and great location in Auckland City…there is so much I love about this school, I wish I could just transfer here!
2. Food: There aren’t preservatives in most of the food, which makes everything so much healthier and taste better.
3. My kiwi and exchange friends. I’m going to miss my friends here so, so much. What makes it so difficult is that most of my friends are not from the US so I’m not sure when I am going to see them again. Love you guys long time!!
4. Travelling: Traveling around NZ is very easy and fairly cheap. Everywhere you go you meet people from all over the world, and everyone is looking to make new friends. I’ve made so many friends while travelling, and I am going to miss that when back in the US.
5. New Zealand’s natural beauty: You truly can see 4 seasons in one day. One second you are at a sunny beach and the next you can be at the top of a chilly mountain! There really is no place in the world that is as beautiful as New Zealand.

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