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Your Story

Allow me to introduce myself by first stating these powerful words to live by:

“Life gives you the opportunity to write, to fix, and to improve your story every day. Be wise and write a good story… your story!”

Now, let me provide to you a small glimpse into My Story:

Recall a first-time ever experience. Perhaps you remember feeling excited, frightened, terrified, and happy all at once. Perhaps not because you were ready to live in the moment.

At eight years old, my life was drastically impacted when my family decided to seek a new beginning in the United States. Upon arriving from Mexico, the diversity of my surroundings definitely presented some challenges. I was nervous and afraid that I wasn’t prepared to enter a new educational system. My language barrier, the fact that everyone already knew each other, and the daunting lack of such conformity and familiarity with my new environment as I was still trying to establish myself was challenging.

Eventually, the new atmosphere slightly forced me to begin to mature sooner because as an only child whose parents and close relatives hadn’t experienced this academic setting, I oftentimes found myself to be my own little light. Though there have been many setbacks and discouraging circumstances, my parents have impressed on me the value of being an educated individual, and for that, I’m grateful. Education is precious and blessed are those who have it. As a first-generation college student, I have learned that facing your fears makes you a strong-willed leader and a beacon of light to those who need guidance and motivation. To my fellow first-generation college students, I urge you to remember that you have to grasp every opportunity. Live and dare because that’s how you win! Don’t let fear rob you of your dreams. Instead, use those feelings as ‘stepping stones’ to accomplish your goals. Be willing to test your strength and skill.

Lastly, I promise to be completely transparent and as open as possible so that all of you can experience with me the journey that will lead me to Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico in less than three days!

Know that endless opportunities await you, so use Your Story to offer to your surroundings a rich artwork- art that is a mixture of your experiences and your culture.


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