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First Few Days

My stomach dropped as the plane began its descent. I eagerly tore open the window and let the sunshine stream in and wake up my grumpy neighbor. I took in my first sight of Scotland and couldn’t stop the wide grin from spreading across my face. I hauled my luggage from the upper compartment and scurried to the baggage claim area. Shortly after, I was met by two representatives from IFSA Butler, Deidra and Jolly, along with three other wonderful young women who would soon become my close friends.

The drive to Stirling only took about one hour, yet every single moment was simply stunning. I had never seen so much wide open land and fields! Cows and sheep roam freely in rich pastures of emerald, chartreuse, juniper,  and shamrock shades of green. We dropped off our luggage and went out for lunch near the University of Stirling at a lovely sit-down place with a spectacular view of Scotland’s abundant nature. I looked at the menu anxiously, as my hanger was ramping up in intensity. I read Duck Salad with a questioning look, but I’m glad that I tried something new. It was incredibly tasty!

The first two days flew by in the blink of an eye. We went into town to explore our new home and acclimate ourselves with our new surroundings. We visited the Church of the Holy Rood, where King James VI was crowned King of Scots. Morgan, Courtney, Erin and I then went up the street a ways to pay a visit to the Stirling Castle, which housed breathtaking views as well as previous kings and queens. Dumyat Hill is located right by Beech Court, where we are staying. What a remarkable hike!! Dumyat provided us with breathless views (literally) that were well worth the hike. I’m so grateful that I found a group of friends that are as optimistic about taking advantage of our gorgeous surroundings and opportunities as myself.


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