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Three More Weeks

Apologies for the late post. I have actually been making my way through this semester without a personal computer (which IFSA explicitly advises against in all predeparture literature, but my computer is in the shop back in the States,) so I can only post on here when I make it to the IFSA office to use their computer. And this past weekend was a feriado (a holiday,) so I could not come in when I usually do.

Anyway, a little less than three weeks left! I alternate between being excited to go home and being sad about leaving Argentina, but I think both feelings are good ones to have. I am also currently still in the thicket of finals, which is super weird, especially when I Skype with my friends from the United States and they are going on summer vacations or are working at their internships. With all this last-minute work, though, (in the span of four weeks, I have had to turn in three 15-page research papers and a five-page paper) I have gotten incredibly efficient at writing in Spanish. Before coming to Argentina, those assignments would have taken me months to complete, and now I am able to just kind of sit down and crank them out. Reading comprehension has also exponentially improved for me. No longer do I worry about using articles written in Spanish as sources because it hardly takes me any extra time to read and comprehend them as it does for me to use a source in English.

I think for me, though, my ability to confidently speak has improved the most. I no longer shy away from speaking with the waiter because I am worried my Spanish will be horrendous, and I can confidently go to a café alone and place my order. It has even gotten to the point where some things are easier for me to say or to explain in Spanish than in English, which I think is absolutely wild.

Beyond all that, nothing too monumental to report. A few weeks ago I went on my second solo trip to the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile, right by the border with Bolivia. Only one other girl on my program went there this semester, but geographically, it is more diverse from Buenos Aires than Santiago, so I highly recommend this place as a must-see for kids studying in South America.


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