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Back at Home

It feels weird to be back home after studying abroad at Sydney for about 4.5 months. During the study break, I remember I wanted to go home because of all the stress while studying for my exams. However, now that I am actually back at home I really miss my suite mates, friends, and the fun places I’ve traveled to.

I really miss playing music and fooling around in the living room with my suite mates and friends, searching for yummy food places to eat, exploring cafes in Surry Hills, going to the beach, walking around the city, and so many more. In the end, its the small memories that I miss, because those minute moments actually left a huge impact in my life.

As I look back at my study abroad experience, I’m really thankful and glad that I chose to do it. I’ve met so many great people that helped change such an unfamiliar country, to a place that I have now grown so accustomed to. I will cherish these memories dearly, as it has changed me as a person and taught me so much about Australia as a whole.



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