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Here We Go

Well, the day is almost (finally) here.  After months and months of preparation, it is almost time to leave for New Zealand.  It almost doesn’t seem real that this adventure is about to begin.  After a quick pit stop in San Francisco for a couple of days, I’ll jump on a group flight over to New Zealand.

It’s been interesting to watch people’s reactions when I tell them I’m studying abroad in New Zealand.  Most people are like “No way that is so cool, you’ll have so much fun!”  Others are astounded I’m ok with being on a plane for about 13 hours, while some confuse New Zealand with Australia no matter how many times I remind them where I’m actually going.  Luckily for me, everyone I’ve talked to has been very supportive and excited for me to take this trip which has helped me feel better about traveling to literally the other side of the world.

So far, this process has already taught me so much about preparation.  To best prepare yourself, I’ve learned how important it is to keep up with all emails, forms, deadlines, transcripts, and anything else that gets thrown your way.  It’s so easy to feel bogged down by all the paperwork that is part of the preparation process, but in a couple days, it will be all worth it!  Preparation goes beyond the paperwork, I’ve learned.  So much mental preparation is involved in a trip like this.  Maybe it’s just me, but coming to terms with studying abroad for a semester starting in June took a lot of mental effort.  I was giving up time that would have been spent hanging with family and friends who I don’t get to see much during the school year.  I’m no doctor but I self-diagnosed with a classic case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out for all the non-hip people reading this).  Personally, I had a tough time dealing with this because I really look forward to spending my summer with those close to me.  But throughout the whole process, I kept reminding myself that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  When is the next time I’ll have the chance to spend five months on the other side of the world?!  This semester will fly by and I’ll be back before I know it.  I’m ready to experience new adventures and actively engage myself with the kiwi culture.  This will be a challenging, but exciting next couple months, but I’m ready for it.  Even though I’m not even 100% sure what I’ve gotten myself into, I’m looking forward to finding out!


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