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¡Hogar dulce hogar!

The life of a student who studies abroad is filled with unique and unforgettable memories based on my own experience so far. Personally, I’d like to consider that my background has helped me to live and appreciate a more independent lifestyle and to have a mindset deeply rooted in my values and morals.

While my parents have always supported me and my educational goals, they know that it’s perfectly fine to let me grasp opportunities and take risks in order to accomplish my dreams.

Having stated this, now that my journey has begun, I’ve adjusted well and I believe my family and friends back home have too. Perhaps one of the first questions any student studying abroad gets asked is, are you “homesick” yet? Luckily for me, my host family and friends abroad make me feel a part of this ‘special something’!

As a first-generation college student, you learn to be firm and positive because sometimes you have to sacrifice spending time with your loved ones, for example, to pursue a career. Therefore, I haven’t been saddened by this change- I’m beyond content to live in this moment in my new hogar dulce hogar, (home sweet home)!


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