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“It’s more expensive NOT to study abroad!”

As I reflect on this journey, I’m convinced that we all belong in a wonderful world that’s full of beauty, charm, and adventure. Being a first-generation college student isn’t easy, but today, I’m grateful more than ever for this life. Studying abroad has emphasized the importance of doing things now because sometimes “later” becomes “never.” This is what makes the journey of a first-generation college student unique.

The obstacles I fought as I established myself in a diverse society served me well because I realized that growing up as an only child and later becoming a first-generation college student, relying on myself wasn’t always the only option. Though I became independent and confident in my decisions, I knew that it was also important to be attentive and appreciative of others.

Students who study abroad also become aware that even in challenging economic times, studying abroad is a vital and wise investment because they know that it’s more expensive NOT to study abroad. My new friends abroad and I believe that if we truly want a generation of leaders and go-getters who can be effective in an ever-more-globalized world, sending students overseas isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity we should take seriously.



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