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Some things Have to Go Wrong Before They Can Go Right…Right?

If the beginning of this journey is an indicator of how my friend Allison and I’s next four months are about to go, then these posts are about to get very entertaining for you guys.

Allison and I were eating lunch in New York City on the day of departure when we got a call. I am stuffing some eggs Benedict in my mouth and thinking about spending the next day in an airplane when Allison turned to me with a worried look. The flight was canceled. CANCELED.

Now, Allison and I are not ones to overreact, however, the second our parents heard the news it was like World War Three. When they looked at each other, you could see a bomb go off in their eyes. I think everyone in the restaurant felt sorry for the woman on the other end of the phone when our parents first called. The next two hours were a whirlwind of phone calls and airline bookings. We finally got a random domestic flight to LAX where we would connect to the flight bound for Sydney. After six hours in a squished middle seat we landed at LAX and had three hours to find the international terminal, get new boarding passes, check bags and go through security to get to our flight to Aussie. Should be plenty of time right? Wrong. Allison and I spent the first hour pacing up and down the drop off sidewalk looking for signs to point us in the right direction. We went up and down at least ten escalators, one of which I dropped my bag down which almost took Allison with it, and passed the same people back and forth multiple times. I’m sure they thought our scramble to find a bus was hilarious. Here’s a health tip: skip the gym and instead fly to LAX with four huge bags and run around for a while, you’ll be sweating in no time. So with burning arms, we finally ask someone for directions and got on a bus not knowing where our stop was. As the bus announcer says “Tom Bradley International” or as Allison thought “Tom Brady International” we hop off and start the trek to check in. As we approach the counter, my bags topple over, and I scramble to get my passport out while Allison digs through her bag. With all our stuff littering the area around the desk, it looked like an episode of hoarders: airport edition. After we deal with baggage, tickets, and holding up an entire line of people apparently unimpressed with our disorganized travel procedure, we make it to security. We go through with only one bag confiscated as Allison forgot to take out her laptop. Which with how the day was going wasn’t bad for us. We finally got to the gate and started to board. I hand my ticket to the woman; she puts it under the scanner, and it flashes red “looks like there is a problem with your seat, please step aside.” Are. You. Kidding. Me. So Allison and I go to the side to the desk and thankfully get new seat assignments. As I sit down, finally taking a breath of relief, I notice that the flight is essentially empty. No one in my row…so naturally I sprawl out across four seats, take every pillow and blanket I could find, toss up all the arm rests, pop a sleeping pill, and make a bed. Who needs first class anyway?


Things didn’t slow down after our travel day from hell. Instead, the first couple days of orientation are a whirlwind of tours and jet lag. We saw the Sydney Opera House in all of its glory, went shopping in Sydney, had drinks overlooking the Sydney Harbor, I joined a street show, we fed joeys, and saw the three sisters in the Blue Mountains. Getting here might have been a hassle but being here has been amazing with new adventures around each corner. I almost forgot that I’m here to take classes, almost. As I sit on the flight to Brisbane (with another full row all to myself I might add), I think about meeting my new suite mates, orientation week, and exploring Brisbane.


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