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Familiar Faces

It hit me two days ago. “Hit,” is an understatement, more like pelted me in the face. So much so, that when I FaceTimed my parents and my dad cheerfully said, “we’ll see you in just two weeks!” I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my face. The realization that I’ve been away from my loved ones for so long finally set in after being in multiple foreign countries for over six weeks.

I’ve sculpted out time in my schedule (nearly) every day to FaceTime, email, or text my close family and friends. I don’t think there’s anything better than receiving letters or postcards written by the hands of loved ones. So I’ve been fervently scrawling to everyone back home. But GOSH DARN IT communicating through a lifeless computer screen, and even colorful postcards, don’t quite suffice to real face-to-face embrace.

I’m extremely close with my family. Growing up, my parents made a pact that there would always be one parent at home to take care of my sister and I, in part due to the fact that they couldn’t afford childcare, but mostly because the love we have for each other is incredibly strong. It was decided since my birth that my dad would work second shift in order for the “one parent home” rule to work. Once I started going to school, I would only see my dad on weekends since he would be at work by the time I got home from school.

One of the reasons I chose DePaul is its location in Chicago–a stellar place for networking and business opportunities, and conveniently located a mere forty minutes from home and just fifteen minutes away from my sister. My family has a running joke that I see them more frequently now that I’m in college than I did when I was at home. It isn’t quite a joke since it’s the truth. Being away from them for this long of a time has been tough.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to study abroad and will make the most of my remaining days in Scotland. I’m also SO pumped to be reunited with my family in twelve days.


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