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A Bumpy Beginning

Since the day I found out that I would have the opportunity to study abroad in Mendoza, Argentina, I have been getting advice where to travel, how to dress, what classes to take, etc. Most of this advice has been sought out and welcomed (I am the queen of internet research). But apparently some of it didn’t stick…at least, the part about having everything packed and ready to go a day in advance.

Like I always do before a big trip, I procrastinated packing my bags until the night before. In fact, while I wrote the beginning of this entry (because obviously I procrastinated writing this, as well) my mom was in the next room reorganizing my suitcase so that everything fit.

I (like many) procrastinate when I don’t want to face something. For example, I put off doing the dishes because I don’t like touching day-old food. I put off writing because I don’t have any “inspiration”. And I put off packing my suitcase for Argentina because I realized that no amount of advice or preparation could truly prepare me for this trip what I believe will be the greatest adventure that I have embarked upon so far (no pressure, right?).

And it turns out that nothing really could prepare me.

This morning, I was notified that my flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires had been delayed. Of course, not just by a couple of hours. But by about ten hours. Instead of arriving in Argentina in the morning along with the rest of my classmates on my program, I will now land in Buenos Aires around 7pm and miss a full day of orientation.

*Cue full panic*

Thankfully, my family and I were able to figure out the logistics of this delay rather quickly, but the change was a harsh reminder that no matter how well I’ve planned and researched, nothing will be quite what I expect. For example, I expected to be on a plane right now, not in an airport hotel. (But I ordered chocolate cake, so that’s a plus.)

Coincidentally, this experience serves as the perfect first post for my blog — I know that my study abroad experience will stretch me and help me grow as a person. Accordingly, I hope this blog can be a reflection of this growth, as well as a documentation of my journeys (both trials and triumphs) in Argentina. And who am I kidding? As an advice-seeker, I am going to attempt to give future Mendoza travelers some advice along the way.

Check back often to see what I’m up to!


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  1. Kathy McCauley Says:

    Hope all is well! Looking forward to future posts! Love you!

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