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Buen ejercicio

On another note, the past weekend I had the chance to travel with some students to a park by the name of Aguas de Ramon. It was tough. I’m not athletic at all and it was my first time hiking, so it should give some sort of indication of how tough of an adventure it was. We saw some pretty amazing sites in between out of breath pauses and ended up getting some great photos that captured the essence of our little group outing. Afterwards, we took a chance at canopy and ziplining and by the end when we were taking the metro home, everyone was ready to take a nice long nap. This trip was exactly what I needed (minus the fact that I was on my phone snapping pictures). I loved getting to know the other students better and loved exploring even more so. Truthfully, I haven’t been able to get to a level of bliss and happiness in Chile that I expected, which may be something that has to come with time, or classes starting, or more friends, or even a certain grasp of understanding Spanish. Either way, Chile is an uphill mountain. Sometimes I stop and drink water and sometimes I’m struggling super hard and sometimes I’m even tripping on a pebble.


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  1. Sofia Says:

    love this- I am currently in Argentina and agree with you on a lot of points. Abroad is a climb!

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