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Beautiful finds in Buenos Aires

I have stumbled upon some beautiful performances, artwork and architecture during my first couple weeks exploring Buenos Aires.

Picture 1: Centro Cultural Recoleta. I’ve experienced more changes in my first couple weeks in Buenos Aires than in the rest of my life combined. I heard more Spanish on my first day here than I would in two weeks of Spanish classes at Tulane. People in the “real world” talk a lot quicker than my professors and have no idea that I’m not a native speaker (although the blonde hair and terrified look in my eyes probably gives them a hint that I’m foreign). I’m incredibly thankful that I have friends here who can tackle the challenges of moving to a third world country with me.

Picture 2: El Ateneo Grand Splendid. I live around the corner from the most beautiful bookstore in the world. The building is a restored opera house with stunning Renaissance era architecture and an elaborately painted ceiling. It’s a book lover’s paradise; the theatre boxes are furnished with comfy chairs and the main stage that is tucked away behind thick burgundy curtains and has been converted into a café.

Picture 3: La Universidad de Buenos Aires. I thought the language barrier would be the most intimidating part of classes…until I saw the university! This coliseum-esque building is the Law School, so I won’t actually attend classes here. However, I may join the people I’ve seen running up and down the stairs for a workout on a sunny Saturday.

Picture 4: Las Floralis Genérica. This massive metal sculpture has petals that open at sunrise and close at sunset, on a schedule that changes according to the season. It’s a truly breathtaking piece of art and it inspired me to reflect how people are forced to adapt to the seasons too. I’ve realized that the times I’ve felt homesick have been caused by an unfulfilled desire for a longer summer. July and August are the coldest months in Argentina, and it’s difficult to see pictures of friends at home enjoying their summers lounging by the pool while I put on my jacket and head to class.

Picture 5: La Fuerza Bruta. We celebrated the completion of the first week of orientation by going to the famous Fuerza Bruta show. This is no ordinary theatre performance. It’s an energetic 360-degree experience of lights, music, acrobats and interactions between the performers and the audience. It was unlike anything I had ever seen and a magical welcome to the city.




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  1. jill handwerk Says:

    I love the flower sculpture, look forward to seeing it open and close when we visit!

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