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VIDEO: La Reserva Ecológia

The lack of expansive green spaces in BA is what initially attracted me to the La Reserva Ecológia. But this isn’t just a typical park. As an ecological reserve, you feel as if you’re literally in the middle of the countryside, in the midst of a variety of trees and vast plains. Away from the bustling city, the contrast is enormous, with only wind whistling through the trees and the intermittent calls of exotic birds to be heard. On one side is the famous Rio de la Plata, extending out into the horizon. On the other side are the modern high rises ubiquitous to the chic Puerto Madero barrio. You are so near the city, yet also far removed. The occasional airplanes flying ahead remind you how close you are to civilization, though in a sort of bubble, adding to the eerie yet intriguing feel of the Reserve. It quickly became one of my favorite spots.

As my first ever video (!!!) hopefully I’ll improve editing wise and capturing the essence of where I film for the future.




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