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Testing 1, 2, 3…

Hello all!

My name is Kayla Evans, and I am a Junior at Spelman College double majoring in International Studies and Spanish. This semester I will be studying abroad in Cuba, and photoblogging about my experience. Although I hope to post more pictures in the future, this first blog will serve as in introduction to the girl behind the camera while I figure out how to upload pictures.

So what am I up to? After a 6 hour drive from Kalamazoo, MI yesterday, my mom and I are finally in Toronto, Canada preparing for my flight to Cuba. Today, we have been running around trying to complete the seemingly never ending to-do list of pre-trip essentials. I finally took a moment to breathe and write about my journey thus far.

How did I get here? As an International Studies and Spanish double major, I am required to spend a semester abroad learning about another country, economy, and culture while I work toward the completion of my thesis. Although I was eager for this opportunity, I found the task of deciding where in the world to study a bit daunting. Wanting to be different, I crossed Spain off my list and began looking into Latin American countries. Pushing myself a step further, I decided to look for a country that didn’t have many English speakers so that I would be forced to use my Spanish all the time.

Enter Butler. During the fall semester of my sophomore year I met with several study abroad programs to discuss potential locations. When I met the representative from IFSA-Butler I was blown away. In our conversation, he made me aware of their program in Havana, and encouraged me to apply. I was immediately interested in the opportunity to live in the previously embargoed country, and learn about their unique history. Although I had not previously considered Cuba, I couldn’t see myself studying anywhere else. After speaking to my advisors and study abroad director, I began the application process.

Before Cuba. Although my almost four months studying in Havana will be my longest trip abroad, to date, it is not my first experience. Through Spelman, I have studied abroad in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for two weeks and Cuenca, Ecuador for five weeks.

Well… like I said before, I’m more of a picture person and I’m running out of things to say. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the group and share my experience in Cuba through my pictures.

Hasta luego.



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