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Pre-Departure Jitters!

It’s still a little hard to imagine that at this time in a month, I will be settled in a foreign country, where I expect to spend the entire semester!!

These past few days have been filled with pandemonium than the typical doldrums of summer, and I am both terrified and excited as I hope to begin this next chapter in my life.

(Not pictured: me sitting over the chaos that is my luggage internally debating the items I should bring and if I’ll have enough space.)

This blog will serve as my summation of my adventures, and I hope it will be a winning combination of funny, useful, and informative on how to survive going outside your comfort zone and studying abroad.

Since this blog will primarily serve as a way to tell my story, I want to provide some basic facts about myself. My name is Rachel Wallen, and I’m a rising junior who’s planning on attending University College Dublin this fall.

UCard Photo

(My official Student ID Card aka UCard Photo : D)

My home university is Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, but I originally hail from Scottsdale, Arizona where I spent most of my summer. It’s always quite the switch to go from blazing 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures to “typical” fall weather!

Some of my hobbies include debating, writing poetry, and watching cooking shows and sports, but I’m always up for trying new things. I’m a Psychology and Politics double major at Brandeis, and when I’m not in class, I spend the majority of my downtime on campus working part time jobs. In fact, one of my big goals while studying abroad is to improve my budgeting skills since I won’t be working this semester.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to most are taking in the beautiful Irish countryside, traversing the city of Dublin, partaking in Christmastime activities (!), and meeting new friends.

All that being said, bye for now and I can’t wait to blog about UCD Orientation!




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