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Growing up in Upstate New York, I was raised in a tight-knit community where I made many close friends and truly felt at home. I found leaving for college to be challenging, since I was so comfortable in my hometown. Although Colgate University is a mere two hours away, I grew to be independent apart from my parents and home friends. This summer, I spent the summer in Boston, working at a non-profit. During this internship, I learned that I am capable of acclimating to a city and living even farther from home.

As I prepare to depart for the University of Edinburgh, I am both nervous and excited for the semester ahead. I am confident that I will embrace the city of Edinburgh with its rich culture and history. I look forward to the self growth and knowledge that these kind of experiences bring. However, I am anxious about packing! My flight is in five days so I guess it is time to start…


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