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Time Flies

It’s crazy to think I’ve already spent almost two months here in Sydney.  While I just finished mid-terms, all of my friends from home and friends who are studying abroad in other parts of the world are just starting class.  However, watching their Snapchat stories I am jealous of their beautiful summer weather.  When we first got to Sydney all of the locals sympathized with us because we arrived in their “dead of winter” (aka 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not a severe winter in my books), but I figured it would warm up quickly.  To my dismay, it certainly has not warmed up enough.  I ignorantly decided to pack mostly shorts, tank-tops, and swimsuits, so my winter wardrobe has now been worn thin.  While it does reach the upper 60s during the day, and occasional low 70s on sunny ones, the wind makes lying out on the beach impossible without a sweater.  Spring has officially begun though, so hopefully within the next couple of weeks I’ll make use of the cute swimsuits I splurged on before arriving.

Having just completed midterms I’m beginning to feel anxious that my time here has gone by so quickly.  I’m struggling to cram all of my bucket list into the remaining weekends we have left.  Thus far, I’m headed to Cairns, the Whitsundays, and the Great Barrier Reef for mid-semester break on an action-packed tour bus with most of my friends. The weekend after we return I’m flying to Queenstown, New Zealand to do some glacial hikes, kayak Milford Sound, bask in a hot spring, and eat at the infamous Fergburger.  That leaves just 2 weekends in between my return from Queenstown and departure for Bali during reading week.  While I love the fact that I’m getting to travel to so many different countries, I’m a little disappointed I don’t have more time here in Sydney.  Just when I think I’ve gotten my bearings and have seen all there is to do, I stumble upon a new suburb or shopping center or park that is just as incredible as the previous. Not to mention, I wish I had more time to see more of Australia.  I truly didn’t grasp the size of this country until looking up flights for different destinations.  When I thought I could make a “quick weekend trip” to Perth and Ningaloo Reef my Econ partner (a local) laughed and told me “you realize that’s a six hour flight”.  I suppose in the states I wouldn’t consider making a quick trip from Florida to Cali, but when in Australia…

It’s safe to say Sydney, and my apartment in Urbanest, is actually starting to feel like home.  I wish my friends and family could come visit so I could show them all of my newfound favorite pubs, restaurants, and walks.  I know when I go home and tell the stories, show the pictures, and describe my experience the words and photos just won’t do this amazing country, city, and experience justice.


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