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My New Home As Told By, Cookies, Costal Walks, and Classes.


Allison and I are still thriving abroad, although I have not posted in a while it is not because we are somewhere in a ditch but instead having a fabulous time traveling around to Noosa and the Gold Coast. We did however almost burn down our kitchen trying to cook cookies in the microwave. RIP to the bowl we used since we threw it, charred and smoking, out the window in our haste to make sure the fire alarm didn’t go off. Could you imagine us explaining to the fire department that we had to use the microwave because it cooks cookies faster, “Sorry sir we were just so hungry!” I know what you are thinking: adulthood suits us well. We are aware.


Anyway, Our first stop was Noosa Heads in the sunshine coast. After two busses and a couple of hours on a train, we made it to a small town near Noosa’s main beach. We stayed at a hostel called Nomads, which was fantastic, we met some fabulous British girls in our room and spent the weekend exploring, hanging at the beach and just exchanging stories about our travels with them. A couple of the girls had been traveling for months meeting new people and going to new places, needless to say, I was extremely jealous and impressed with the authentic way of life that they were living. Even cooler, one of the girls had a friend who worked at the same sleep away camp that I used to work at, small world huh? While there I took a walk called the Costal Walk in Noosa’s national park and was astonished by how beautiful it was; check out some of the photos I took all along this page! I highly recommend this walk to anyone traveling to Noosa. Some of the stops on the walk overlook beautiful turquoise coves and views of the mountains across the bay. At one point I thought I saw a dolphin but quickly realized I was gawking at a snorkeler. Regardless, I will probably never stop looking at the photos I took that day. Staying in the hostel in Noosa that weekend is where Australia became an authentic abroad experience for me for it allowed me to meet new people and instantly create friendships with all of them.


After Noosa, we came back to Brisbane to being a new school week. I mention this because I realized that I hadn’t mentioned school once in these posts. We are about seven weeks into the semester here and yes I am going to class. Classes are very different here than back in the states, and the class sizes are much larger since they are lectures, which I enjoy. We also have tutorials which are mainly smaller classes used to discuss what happened in the lectures. If you are planning to travel abroad here and are stressed about school, I wouldn’t worry too much. Although there are expectations here, and you must go to class, it is all very manageable and leaves you enough time to travel and explore Australia. Speaking of which there is so much I still want to do and my time here is flying by. With only two and a half months left, we are quickly attempting to plan the mid-semester break, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, and maybe a trip to Bali. Of course, I have a ton of things on a smaller bucket list to cross off like skydiving, sorry mom and dad it just has to be done, and surf lessons. I guess ill just have to stay here until all of these things get done, be home never!


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