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Feeling Sick but Not Discouraged

fall-program-standing-in-front-of-a-water-fountain The fall program (11 of us) I’m on the far left

It is Tuesday August 16th, and I’m writing because I feel inspired and sick. This weekend my body decided to attack me and I became very sick. It has been the second time in two months that I’ve gotten sick here in Peru. Was it something I ate? Probably. Could it be that I have something unpleasant living in my stomach? I really hope not, but maybe. Am I hitting the gym too hard, and I’m wearing myself out? I doubt it. Maybe it was due to the fact that I got my feet wet Thursday playing in the water fountains when we took a city tour of Lima that cold misty night. I was walking around with wet feet for 3 hours that day, so I do think that that has made me sick. Do I regret it? No. I had so much fun that night. Adrenaline pumped as I tried to go through the fountain. One wrong move and you could get sprayed. It happened to me once. I should have listened to my study abroad director when she advised whoever wanted to play in the fountain to bring a set of clothes. I should have brought an extra pair of pants and shoes. Oh well, lesson learned.

It could be just me, or others that travel abroad may feel the same way as I feel, but when I am away from home and I get sick I tend to miss home. Don’t get me wrong, my host parents were pretty great at assessing my sickness. They felt my head with their hands to check for a fever. I had the fever on and off 3 times this weekend, but currently I’m much better. My host parents gave me medicine and made sure I was hydrated, and they kept the chicken soup coming. They made sure to check on me whenever I wasn’t napping, and I napped so much this weekend. It was crazy. Any other day, I’d be happy to nap. Napping is one of my favorite hobbies, but this weekend it wasn’t all that great. This weekend was awful. I was sick and pretty emotional. I was in pain and I wanted to be home so badly.

After 3 days of fevers, headaches, coughs, and an extreme backache, today I have woken up better. I missed my first day of classes yesterday, so I plan on getting on an hour long bus ride and head to the university. Wish me luck! I’ll make sure to go see a doctor and figure out what exactly is wrong with me. I don’t want to go through this weekend ever again. I’ve had enough.

So now, a friendly reminder to anyone who is planning on studying abroad. You will most likely get sick at least one time during your study abroad experience, and that’s ok. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Don’t be discouraged. You’ll have a great study abroad experience as long as you follow the advice of others. Don’t be afraid to live because you think it’ll make you sick. If you become sick at least you’ll hopefully have a pleasant memory that lead to the sickness. haha


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