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I had a SAAD time in Peru

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After starting the day with a plate of strawberries, banana, apple and orange slices, toast and tea, I was ready to start my day. This day is not just any day, today is Tuesday August 30, it happens to be a Peruvian holiday. That being said, I don’t have school today. So what to do, what to do? I have decided to take this day as SAAD (self-awareness and appreciation day). Yes I completely made that up. 1st on the to do list, is finish my green tea and then throw on gym clothes so I can take some time to exercise and sauna. With me being constantly sick, gym hasn’t been a priority and I’ve slacked a bit on it. I’m ready to get back.

After the gym, I showered to get ready for my fun filled “me day”. I threw on a pair of jeans, a beige sweater and my grey, now black/dirty Toms. I did absolutely nothing with my wet hair. I figured I’d let it do its thing and dry itself on my walk to the main plaza. I looked in the mirror thinking whether or not I should put on makeup. I smiled at my reflection and decided to go makeup less. I grabbed my jacket, my shoulder purse and my house keys. I was ready for this little solo adventure.

It was a pleasant 15 minute walk to my first restaurant that I spotted. The name sounded interesting, “Sarcletti”. Rhymed with spaghetti so I had to check it out. I glanced at the menu and then asked the host what kind of restaurant it was just to make sure. He responded it’s mostly Italian. Perfect! It was 3:03 pm and I was ready to eat my late lunch. I chose to sit outside on a table fit for two. It was cloudy outside as usual and a bit nippy. It had rained earlier. My view was not exactly the best, there’s a grocery store at the corner, and a casino. Traffic was busy and loud as usual. After looking at the colorful menu I decided to order milanesa con pasta. I hoped it was good. I had quite an appetite. When the waiter came with my plate my eyes grew twice their size. It was a pretty big plate. The chicken was a perfectly breaded golden sheet next to the pasta with Alfredo sauce. The chicken was breaded nicely and it was juicy. The cook had a heavy hand on the sauce, but I didn’t mind it.

After eating all but some leftover breading, I was happily satisfied. What to do next?

The atmosphere of Manolos was, to put it into one descriptive word, I’d say it’s “wow”, just wow. I was sitting at a prime spot. I had a little table to myself. I saw the giving out of churros as lines of people filed in front of the counter. People were coming and going. It was just bustling. The atmosphere was just amazing. You could hear plates being stacked, the cash register opening and closing, people talking, feet scuffing the floor, and churros being wrapped into paper napkins. I ordered chocolate con churros. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I was so excited to sink my teeth into those crunchy yet soft golden brown logs. I dunked my churro in the syrupy chocolate and I took a bite. It was just about the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Churros have turned into my weakness. I finished every bit of churro and chocolate until there was no more. I was so happy and pleased. After sitting there a while more to people watch, I decided to pay and head over to the little shops around town. I walked around and found a store that has cheap clothing. I bought 2 long sleeve t shirts and I walked 10 minutes to my next location. I went to Larcomar next to the coast of Lima. It’s an outside mall with restaurants and shops that overlook the sea. It’s really pretty when it’s night out and the lights glimmer in the darkness.

So there I was. I made my way to the movie counter. I bought myself a ticket for the Mike and Dave movie. It was a different experience going to the movies alone. Even though I was by myself, I really enjoyed it. I recommend it for sure. After the movie was over, I decided to walk back home. It was dark out and it was about 7:15. It took me 30 minutes to walk home. Yes it’s a bit scary walking alone, but Miraflores is pretty safe, and on several streets there are Serenazgos. They are basically helpful street guards. I was told to go to them if I’m ever in trouble. So needless to say, I arrived home safely. I realized I was tired once I arrived home. I took of my shoes and relaxed. By the end of the day, zero homework was done, but many joyful moments were experienced. Today was a successful day indeed.


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