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Top Five Mouthwatering Restaurants In South Bank.

We all know that the only reason students go abroad is to eat delicious food and take pictures of it for Instagram. So, to make sure you guys knew where to get the good stuff in Brisbane I decided to turn into a restaurant critic for a day. From date night to experiencing a new world or just enjoying some comfort food, here are the five places you need to eat at if you live in South Bank, Brisbane:


Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant:

For those looking for a fun and exotic location for dinner, Ahmet’s is the place to be. With kebabs filled with spices and heavenly aromas that float out to the street, this place couldn’t be more authentic. Purple and yellow patterned tapestries cascade over the walls and glistening chandeliers hang over each table. Little plush seats substitute the chairs, and colorful fabrics garnish the tables bringing you to a different world. It’s hard to remember you are in Brisbane while you sip on a martini that comes with a complimentary piece of Turkish delight while watching a belly dancer move around the room. Friday night just got real.


The Spaghetti House:

As a firm believer that it should be socially acceptable to eat pasta for every meal, this spot is heaven on earth. With plates upon plates of pasta and Italian foods, the Spaghetti House is the place to be for a belly warming meal. The indoor seating is a mixture of bohemian and Italian decor with plush velvet chairs and golden lights sparkling like stars overhead. Each outdoor table comes with a comfortable blanket for a colder night and an array of brightly colored candles, date night anyone?


Bourbon Street:

At this themed restaurant, Southern hospitality and comfort food are at their finest. The atmosphere is comfort mixed with touches of Mardi Gras fun making it one for the books. Indoors, glittering masks bring the tables to life and swirls of color decorate the walls all while jazz blasts from the speakers. With gumbo, buttermilk fried chicken, and pecan pie it’s hard not to order everything off of the menu and trust me when I say you will be waddling out of there full and satisfied.


Flowers of the World:

Not only is this café a proud server of all-organic everything but they also create a vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant’s spinach and feta quiche is probably one of the best pastries I have ever tried and mixed with an iced latte; it is to die for. The atmosphere mimics a greenhouse as flowers decorate every inch of space in the building. The upstairs seating is made up of colorfully woven chairs and large paintings of roses while flowers and vases fill the downstairs. They even have a counter where you can order a bouquet of flowers, yes, please.


Donut Time:

Donut time is one of the best inventions I have ever come across. This small one window café is a donut heaven. The donuts are cooked fresh each day and garnished in every candy and topping your heart desires. They bring the word decadence to a new level and if I could I would eat seven a day. They give you the ability to look into a glass case and pick your favorite donut or donut’s, and then they wrap them in a personal to go box for your convenience. The little store is commonly found around Brisbane, but the one in South Bank is adjacent to an ice cream store so A+ to them.


South Bank hits the ball out of the park in the food competition and if you don’t leave here full and satisfied, you have done something wrong. Some people eat to live, but in South Bank? We live to eat.

*Walking Home From Spaghetti House*

Me: I’m so full I’m going to die.

*Passes Donut Time*

Me: Wait.


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