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Irish Adventures

Hey everyone!

It’s been a little while since my last blog post mainly because my course load has increased and because I have been spending all of my weekends traveling around Ireland (I can’t complain). I have had such a wonderful time during the past few weeks that the semester is already starting to fly by. I cannot believe that it is already week 6!

Since my last post, I have visited multiple cities in Ireland including¬†Galway and Kilkenny. Both of these cities had their own charm and unique features. Me and my friends, that I regularly travel with, fell in love with Galway’s main pedestrian streets that featured an array of tiny shops painted all different colors. Our main purpose for traveling to Galway was to participate in Galway’s International Oyster Festival. In a large tent on the edge of the bay, we tried raw oysters, drank local beer, and shared delicious muscles all while listening to live music and watching children play with hula hoops. Essentially, it felt like the Oktoberfest of Galway.

This past weekend we spent time in Kilkenny for fun and exploration planned by IFSA Butler. Kilkenny is a city with a lot of medieval history. At the end of the city’s main streets, lined with welcoming bars and shops, sits a castle originally constructed in the 12th century. During the weekend, we toured this castle and also went on a ghost tour and learned about a witch trial that took place in the center of town. We also had an opportunity to try hurling, an ancient¬†Irish sport that is played all over Ireland and is particularly popular in Kilkenny. I was a lot better at this sport than I thought I would be!

Overall, my time here has been wonderful and I am so excited to learn and adventure more.

Until next time,



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