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Where has the Time Gone?


at-the-huaca-pucllana At the Huaca Pucllana swimming-in-the-amazon Swimming in the Amazon serenazgo-and-friends-andy-and-nadine Friendly Serenazgo with Andy and Nadine caral-ruin-cont Caral ruin

Today September 14 signals three months since I arrived in Lima, Peru. What have I done during these three months? I have managed to visit the Amazon and swim in it. I have gotten sick three times. I have been able to visit several ruin sites of 2 different, ancient civilizations. I have petted llamas, eaten countless amounts of churros, and managed to be safe while riding back and forth to the university on a combi. I have successfully enrolled in my classes. I have experienced the friendliness of the Peruvian people such as the day I got on the wrong combi to school. I was left stranded on an unfamiliar street. I walked until I saw a lady at a small store and she kindly told me where to go. Once at the bus stop, I met this Peruvian student who happened to be going to the same university. He was aware that I wasn’t from Peru. We talked until we were at our stop. He got off before me and paid for my bus fare. It was the nicest thing. I haven’t seen him since that day.

Another thing I have managed to do is to befriend a serenazgo. Like I have mentioned before on a previous blog, serenazgos are men and women who guard/watch the street for safety measures. Every day when I go to the gym, I pass the same serenazgo. He has a round thoughtful tan face and a sincere smile. I always say “hello” or smile after he nods at me and says “buenos días señorita” as I keep on my way. One day we chatted and I told him how thanks to the serenazgos I feel safe. He assured me I shouldn’t worry. Now every night I leave the gym to go home, I feel better about my surroundings.

Time has flown by and it has been such a wonderful time. It has been a great three months so far and I can’t wait to see what is to come within my last 3 months in Peru.



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