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G’day Loves!

This weekend was yet another trip outside of Wollongong, this time a venture to Melbourne, Victoria! We took another hour and a half flight out of Sydney and got to Melbourne late on a Thursday, stayed in a quaint AirBnB (so nice to actually have someone who knew the city to give us the best go-to tips) and took our time exploring the city and surrounds over three whole days. Since we had a total group of eight people we split up in two groups and drove a rental car (wonderful freedom, yet driving on the left is STILL bizarre even three months later).

The first whole day we spent driving south down the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles — fun fact, there are only 8 total rocks, maybe they just sound better as 12? — with pit stops at lookouts, beaches, and cafes along the gorgeous stretch of windy roads on the south coast of Australia. We saw the Apostles then hopped around to the London Bridge, the Arch, then chased the sunset back to watch it set over the Apostles again on the water (which is very rare to see on the East coast).

During our day spent in the city, we traipsed around to the Old Melbourne Gaol and learned history of the city, found parks with plenty of doggos to pet, then took a free city circle tram and explored. We stopped for photo ops in Hosier Lane, the famous block with beautifully done graffiti on essentially every inch, before exploring the Australian museum of modern media in exhibition of TV and video media, including Kate Blanchett’s Oscar, and special effects tricks I never would have seen otherwise. We also visited the Queen Stree Markets and a small local artists’ market to buy gifts and souvenirs for family!

Overall, exploring for a few days with some good friends in the city was a perfect getaway for the weekend, and Melbourne has a very unique culture based around self expression and artistry. There is so much history throughout the city scattered between the old historical buildings and the unique architecture of the newly built skyscrapers. The food was incredible, the people were friendly, and the beauty of Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road was incomparable!


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